HDP5000 Photo ID System


The HDP5000 Card Identity System gives all types of organizations a reliable, hard-working system for producing all types of personalized credentials, such as photo IDs proximity access cards and sophisticated smart cards. Its flexible design protects your investment by allowing you to easily reconfigure the system as your ID card needs dictate.

The Total Solution
Software: The Fargo HDP5000 is designed to work with Asure ID® applications and all other leading card creation and issuance management software.
Materials: Fargo HDP ribbons, films and other materials not only ensure long-lasting, great-looking cards, they add features that increase durability and resist counterfeiting.
Cameras and ID Accessories: HID offers a selection of digital cameras, photo lighting equipment and backgrounds, plus ID accessories such lanyards and clips.
Support: Authorized Fargo integrators can help you set up and get the most from your HDP5000 system. They also offer expert system design and integration.



Purchasing Considerations

Is the HDP5000 the right card printer/encoder for your secure identity applications? Take a look through the HDP5000's system, features and specs, then consider these points:

High Definition Printing™ technology - HDP® -- High Definition Printing -- is the new standard for producing ID cards with outstanding image quality, reliability, durability and security. To help you decide between High Definition Printing and Direct-to-Card Printing, read this HDP-DTC comparison.
Functionality - The next generation of smart card applications takes advantage of both a card's portability and ability to interact with digital systems. The HDP5000 prints and encodes multifunction cards in high definition for applications such as:

• Physical and Logical Security -- High Definition cards protect high-security facilities and authorize access to secure networks and PCs.
• Personal Information -- Smart cards can securely store data and ensure accurate ID for health care, entitlement programs and time and attendance.
• Financial Transactions -- From ATMs to transit systems to cashless vending machines, smart cards make financial transactions quick and secure.
Durability - Cards produced by the HDP5000 are inherently more durable and secure than cards made by other types of technology. They resist wear and tear by putting a durable layer of HDP® Film between the card image and the outside world.
HDP cards are also very secure and tamper-evident. If a counterfeiter tries to peel apart the card layers, the printed image is obviously damaged. But remember than an ID card is only as secure as the system that issued it. Fargo offers hardware and software options that help you reduce vulnerabilities throughout the card issuance process,from printing a variable fluorescent panel image to password-protecting printers.
Integration - So who can you trust to help you put all of this together? Trust the real-world expertise of a Fargo® Authorized Integrator. Authorized Integrators are a critical part of your entire card identity system -- the people who make everything work and help you keep it secure.
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The HDP5000 System helps you manage and protect the entire ID card issuance process, whether it's centralized or distributed across the enterprise. It's an integrated hardware and software solution that secures and manages everything from ID card printing/encoding to the storage of card-making supplies.
Produces cards in High Definition for the next generation of ID-based card applications.
A comprehensive family of ID card design, production and management software. AsureID offers software for every level of user expertise: from basic one-sided photo ID design and printing to enterprise-wide smart card printing and encoding.
We make it easy to build a complete card identity system by adding a camera, tripod, backdrop and other accessories. A USB-connected digital camera easily integrates with card production software. A camera tripod and backdrop give your ID photos a clear, professional appearance.
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Single- and Dual-Sided Lamination
Optional single-sided or simultaneous dual-sided lamination for higher card security.

Optional Encoding Modules
Encoding options handling magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and contactless smart cards.


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