Livelink Advanced

Livelink Advanced is the most powerful integrated image ID card and security system on the market today. Livelink Advanced retains all the features of Livelink Lite but includes a powerful programmable interface that allows the software to be used in a less supervised environment. This makes it more likely to be used by those organisations who wish to control and protect the entire card production process.

As an example of the power, password protection can bar the editing and printing of individual card designs. Any number of cards can be pre-programmed to be dependant on the data entered and a single print button automatically ensures the correct card is always selected and printed. In addition, a two level secure audit trail records all system transactions. Livelink Advanced is also more than just ID card production - it is a powerful and professional security based ID system with visual recall to verify access to buildings and a visitor module that can issue temporary passes. Livelink Advanced can also be expanded to include additional display and capture network stations.

Furthermore, custom modules can be programmed to the standard user interface that can include Links to 3rd party access control, time & data, personnel and similar systems to simplify the transfer of data. As with Livelink Lite, Livelink Advanced is supplied as a complete self-installable kit. Integration with LIDS/ 5x5 and Now with PNOMIS

Key Information:
ID Card Prints
Single print button automatically selects which card to print dependent on information in field.

Automatic Batch Printing
Single auto button print automatically selects cards from range or user defined filter.

Password Protection
Multi-level password control restriction for data edits and deletions, card prints, data pages, access to special menus. A password maintenance option is included.

Records and Pictures can be recalled at the swipe of a card using mag stripe, bar code or any other card technology. A programmable RS232 option allows 3rd party devices to be configured and attached.

Livelink Advanced can communicate with SQL, ODBC, DLL and most database format support. (May require custom modules). DLL and most database format support. Livelink Advanced can communicate with SQL, ODBC,

Livelink Advanced supports networks - useful for display stations at entrances or exits.

Automatic Photo Record and Recall
Encoded cards can be used to recall pictures for verification. The most common method is to use magnetic stripe or bar code but any readers attached to the RS232 port can be used for other technologies such as proximity cards. Records are automatically recalled when the card is read on the same or network terminal. In addition, stored pictures can be displayed alongside the live image with the LLVIEW module.

Typical Users
Livelink Advanced is used by organisations from 500 plus employees, contractors or members. System integrators, security installers and access control companies integrate Livelink Advanced as an 'add on' to their existing range of products and QEM's can build and integrate the Livelink system into their own systems with the developer's toolkit.

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